Wildwood & Soundview Gardens

Tips for Tenants


Whether you are using your own personal grill or those supplied by management, be sure that all grills are clean and covered when you are finished using them. Be sure that coals are cold and doused with water before you place them in the dumpsters or garbage cans. All grilles are used at your own risk and management assumes no liability for injury, damage or loss of any kind that may occur from their use.

Snow Removal:

Please exercise caution when walking on the sidewalks or driving in the parking lots during a storm while our crews are attempting to clear the snow. Stay clear of all snow removal equipment while in operation by our staff or contractors. All residents and children are advised not to climb, walk upon, play on or play in the accumulated snow piles. Move your car to facilitate parking lot snow plowing, if possible. Be patient leaving your apartment in a bad storm as the roads will be dangerous and therefore you should stay indoors, if possible. Use extra caution while walking on stoops, pathways, sidewalks and the parking lots during and after snow removal work as they will be slippery. Please realize that “freeze/thaw” conditions may make these areas dangerous even after we initially treat them.


Please use the common trash containers near your building or the can designated for your apartment (if applicable). Put all garbage in tied plastic bags before placing in the trash receptacles. No oversized items may be discarded without prior consent of management. There may be a charge for disposal. Please call management for details.


Please park only in designated spaces. Hatched areas are for special access or emergency vehicle use only. Cars parked illegally will be towed away without notice at the vehicle owners sole cost and expense.

Storage Rooms:

Please place storage items in the area designated for your apartment. Items must be labeled with your name and apartment location. Unlabeled and dangerous items will be removed without notice (tires, mattresses, flammables, etc.) THE USE OF THE STORAGE ROOMS ARE AT THE TENANTS SOLE RISK. WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS.

Door locks:

If you choose to change your door cylinder we must be given a copy of the new key at once. All keys are kept secure and will not be given to anyone other than our staff to effect repairs in your apartment at your request or in case of emergency.

Please be concerned about your safety and the safety of your neighbors by remembering the following fire awareness tips:

  • Don’t leave pots unattended on the stove and be sure to shut off the gas when you are finished cooking.
  • Defective hair dryers, curling irons, toasters and frayed wires are a major source of danger. Inspect these items regularly.
  • Too many lighting fixtures or appliances running off of one outlet can cause a short circuit. Please use UL rated multi-receptacle strips with a circuit breaker built in.
  • Do not store any tires, flammable liquids or rags in the storage room. Dangerous items will be removed without further notice.
  • The smoke and CO detectors have a sealed battery that you cannot replace. A chirping sound means that the unit needs replacement or the detector is malfunctioning. Test your units once a month and report any problems to management or our maintenance department.
  • Christmas tree lighting can cause fire. Do not allow live Christmas trees to dry out. Discard them in the dumpsters as soon after the holidays as possible.
  • Hydrate your trees with a stand that is meant for that purpose.
  • We highly discourage the use of flame-lit candles in apartments. Consider using battery operated flameless candles. If you must use flame-lit candles, please follow these tips for proper care: Keep ALL easily flammable items at least three feet away from heat sources, including radiators. Never leave your apartment, or go to bed with candles burning. Use candle holders that are stable and made from material that cannot burn and place them where they cannot be easily knocked over.
  • We require that you purchase renters insurance. This type of coverage protects your valuables against loss and gives you certain liability coverage. This type of insurance is available from most companies and is relatively low in cost. Your landlord is not responsible for losses to your person property, even in the event of a fire or flood etc., and only carries liability and property insurance pertaining to its real property.

Apartment Lock Out Policy:

Prevent lockouts in order to avoid being charged for re-entry fees.

HINT: Try to leave a key with a neighbor. Push the mortise lock button on the side of the door to the open position if you are leaving your apt. for just a few minutes. Re-lock when back in the apartment. Keep a spare key in your wallet or pocketbook.

If you do get locked out you may take one of the following steps:

  1. On Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) from 9:30am to 4:00pm you may come to the main office for help or find the superintendent on the premises. There is no fee for this service. We cannot guarantee that the office will always be open during these hours. YOU MUST PROVIDE US WITH PROOF OF IDENTITY IF YOU ARE NOT KNOWN TO US!
  2. After these hours, but prior to 9pm, you may call the emergency phone number, (516) 387-1071 , and a staff member, if available, will be contacted to meet you to gain access. YOU MUST LEAVE A CALLBACK NUMBER (for your cell phone, neighbor, etc.) so that the staff member can speak to you prior to opening your door. There will be a fee payable directly to the staff member for this service. Make sure you discuss this fee prior to asking for someone to come to the apartment. If you cannot wait for this service or if there is no one available (and after 9pm) you always have the option of calling a locksmith. This option will be at your sole cost and expense.
  3. The Rental Agent is not permitted by management to unlock any door at any time. Please do not contact her or go to her apartment regarding locked doors as she cannot and will not be able to help you.
  4. In the event that it is determined that the lock is broken, or faulty, you will not be charged for our maintenance staff to replace it, or if you call a locksmith afterhours we will reimburse you for the cost.

Thank you for your cooperation.


No Application Fee

Updated Apartments/Open Floorplans

Contact-Free Lease Signing Option

Gas & Water Included

24/7 Surveillance System of Common Areas of the Property


Great place to live! The apartments and grounds are meticulously maintained. I never have to worry about fixing anything or shoveling snow. The maintenance staff are very responsive and make most repairs within hours. The staff in the management office are extremely helpful and kind. I have been living here for over 5 years and have no complaints.

Dana Wisselman

Spacious rooms, hardwood floors, courtyards with BBQ and seating. Laundry/storage available, garbage/recycling removal, plenty of parking. On site management and maintenance. Walk to waterfront, shopping, restaurants. 35 minute LIRR ride to NYC. Located in beautiful Port Washington, one of the most desired towns to live on Long Island.

Carol S. Villani

Wildwood & Soundview Apartments are more than just buildings and amenities. There is a community here made up of dedicated staff who work very hard to maintain the property in first-class condition.

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The apartments are clean and comfortable, the common areas are inviting, and all the facilities are in working order. There is a professional maintenance team that’s always on-the-go. And building management is very responsive to tenants.

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Jonathan Young

I absolutely love this place there is nothing bad I can say! The people that live here are so friendly and if you need any work done the maintenance is there so fast!! One of the best apartments I have ever lived in!

Sharon Chester

The apartments and grounds are very clean and excellently maintained. The office and maintenance staff are all professional, courteous and extremely responsive to all your needs. Not 1 complaint in 4+ years.

Richard Cuomo

Incredible fast response to tenant needs. Immaculate grounds respectful staff! Beautiful fountains with running water throughout. I moved here in July 2020 and it’s even at very close proximity to stores. ( TJMAXX, Target and HomeGoods) and supermarkets.. wait.. this must be Heaven. Well done!

Ramona Yulfo

I’ve been living here for the past 16 years and wouldn’t consider renting anywhere else. The management is first class and is always attentive to our needs. There is also a first rate maintenance crew on site who always responds quickly to any issues that may come up.

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Having restaurants, shopping, parks, and so many other amenities nearby makes living here so enjoyable and stress free.

First rate management & maintenance and fantastic location

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Michael London

Great place to live. In Soundview, the apartments are large and spacious. The neighbors are very quiet. The grounds are well manicured and clean. The office staff is friendly and helpful and maintenance is very responsive.

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Laundry is in every other building and there’s even storage space. In Soundview you get one assigned parking spot and there are plenty of other spaces just behind the building as well. Less than a 5-minute walk to the water and only 35 minutes to the city.

Quiet, spacious, well manicured, responsive maintenance and close to the city

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Nicole Whittman

I have been living at both Soundview and Wildwood Gardens for over 5 years and it is hands down the best rental complex in Port Washington. The management team, leasing department and staff are all first class. The apartments are incredible, bright and clean. The grounds and courtyards are immaculate. You feel like you are with family when you live at Wildwood & Soundview Gardens. 5 STARS!

David Producer

I have lived in Wildwood gardens for over 10 years . It is quite clean and convenient. We feel quite safe . The staff are very courteous and professional that make you feel like a family.

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But I warn you , if you have an issue at your apartment and you make a phone call to the office, you better be ready and dressed because one of the staff will knock on your door by the time you hang up the phone. The owners and office members are very kind and polite and they are always available and they are on top of the problems personally. I give them 5 stars.

Clean, safe with exceptional maintenance service!

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Joseph G.

I’ve lived here over 15 years and it’s a great place to live. The maintenance crew attend to issues quickly and keep the grounds nicely landscaped. Office staff are a pleasure to deal with too!

Paul M.

Where to even begin. I moved to Port Washington not knowing what to expect. I’m grateful that I landed in a place with people who care, are flexible and extremely efficient. The Office Manager, Denise Martinek, did everything anybody could ask for in making my life easier with her amazing communication.

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Their maintenance is an A+ and the property owners are tremendous people. I highly recommend renting here. I could not think higher of them if I tried. A++++

I could not think higher of them if I tried. A++++

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Jordan H.